Our Services

Stemming from a formidable network within the real estate industry, Latitude’s management team have worked on literally hundreds of developments in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria

Land Project


We pride ourselves as being the best boutique sales company when it comes to project sales. Specialising in the sales of large scale residential land projects, the directors of the company combined with Latitude’s management team work very closely with the developer to achieve the best possible outcomes. With our years of experience and specialised team we have mastered each and every technique to marketing a successful land project.

Ideally, we like to get involved at the early stages of planning a new land development to assist in creating a strong brand, product type (lot sizing) and unique market advantages, allowing us to achieve better results than other competing projects. From there our job does not stop until the last allotment on the project is sold and settled.

Our key input is as follows:

  • Full time sales consultants representing your project from your sales office
  • Project Branding
  • Lot mix and size
  • Marketing concepts and ideas
  • Sales process and presentation style
  • Finance solutions
  • Buyer management
  • Database management
  • Contract administration
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

Our job is not limited to these items but this will give you a good understanding of how we can add value to your development team, allow you to arrive at a successful solution.



Through our knowledge of the industry and the number of contacts we have established over many years, our directors and management are approached regularly to sell developments sites. In these instances, we play the traditional real estate agent roll to achieve the best possible price. To avoid the owners spending a large amount unnecessarily on advertising, we start the selling process by preparing an advertisement to go out to our company’s database. The artwork is prepared by Latitude’s in house marketing team and sent out to a very large company developer database at no cost to the vendor. All enquiries from the advertisements are handled by Latitude’s Directors or one of the company’s senior managers.

In addition to selling we take a proactive approach to acquisitions. Procurement of development sites for clients encompasses all types of property: petrol stations, childcare centres and shopping centres, residential land subdivisions, to name just a few. We take on the roll to find sites to meet developers criteria and will source suitable sites on their behalf, this is done through our extensive network acquired from over 100 years combined experience and in many cases it is a matter of starting the process through knocking doors.

If you have a site to sell or are looking for a specific type of property give our team a call today.

Medium Density

& Apartments

We have adapted a very specialised approach to selling Medium Density projects through the creation of a strong brand and marketing materials. We are able to create excitement in the market place and achieve outstanding results for both the developer and the purchaser. Our strategy for each of our medium density projects differs slightly, but the passion that we have for each project can be noticed through our drive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Where possible, our job begins at concept stage with input into each design to make sure we create a product that appeals to the target market. This hands-on approach does not finish until we have sold and settled the very last property. A specialist sales consultant will be appointed to each project and their sole purpose will be to successfully complete the sales process of all units within the development.

We understand that each project needs a lot of attention in order to achieve the required results. This is why your project will be given a team of experts from our office that will see the project through to the end. You will always be front of mind to us, there will always be someone to speak to and you are welcome to our office at any time you like.



Our specialist teams are experts in property investment. We are widely recognised as professional, uncompromising and thorough in our pursuit of the best outcomes for our clients.

Our network of buyers and sellers expands overseas to connect with investors from East and South Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We work with accountants, self-managed super funds and investors at all stages and levels, helping people from a variety of backgrounds and financial situations find suitable investments.

Like all our product sectors we are always looking to innovate and explore new ways in which to connect with investors both locally and across the globe.


& Design

Our market leading in-house graphic design team underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are completely committed to producing marketing materials of the highest quality.

We firmly believe our commitment to going the extra mile allows us to develop a higher standard of creative work, eliminating the need to use expensive advertising agencies which enables us to pass on financial savings to our clients. Excellent quality photography, drone footage and video add another dimension to our marketing proposition.

Our Latitude design team collaborates with the sales team on every project, sharing knowledge, insights and ideas to produce marketing and design solutions that set us apart in the marketplace.