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Services we provide

Land project sales

We’re a top boutique sales company specializing in selling large residential land projects. Our team collaborates closely with developers, offering years of experience and specialized techniques to market and sell projects successfully. We prefer getting involved early in planning new land developments to create strong branding, unique advantages, and better outcomes. From start to finish, we handle everything – from sales representation and branding to managing buyers and contracts.

Our key contributions include:

  • Dedicated sales consultants
  • Project branding
  • Tailored lot sizes
  • Innovative marketing strategies
  • Sales process expertise
  • Financial solutions
  • Buyer management
  • Database and contract administration
  • Detailed progress reports

We go beyond these to add value to your team and ensure your project’s success.

Development sales

With our deep industry knowledge and wide connections, our team regularly gets asked to sell development sites. We take on the role of a traditional real estate agent, aiming for the best prices without owners spending too much on ads. We start by advertising to our company’s database, using our in-house marketing team’s designs, and send it to a large developer database for free. All inquiries from these ads are handled by our Directors or senior managers.

Besides selling, we actively search for properties for our clients. We find various types of properties, like petrol stations, childcare centers, and residential land subdivisions, to match developers’ needs. With our extensive network built over 100 years of combined experience, we often begin this process by reaching out directly.

If you want to sell a property or need a specific type of property, contact our team today.

“From the data we collect, Latitude Real Estate's team actually has a 85%+ initial heard-back rate which is top 10% in all the campaigns we run along with the other Latitude projects. The average heard-back rate we have is only 60%. Well-done and thanks for serving our buyers so quickly!” & Land Search website
Medium density & apartments

We’ve crafted a unique way to sell Medium Density projects by building strong brands and top-notch marketing. Our approach creates buzz in the market, delivering great outcomes for both developers and buyers. Each project has its own strategy tailored with passion to achieve the best for our clients.

We start early, offering input from the concept stage to ensure designs resonate with the target market. Our commitment doesn’t stop until every property is sold and settled. A dedicated sales consultant oversees each project, ensuring all units sell successfully.

We know each project needs focused attention, so we assign a team of experts from our office to see it through. You’ll always be a priority, with someone available to talk to, and you’re welcome at our office anytime.

Investment sales

We’re pros in property investment, known for being professional and dedicated to getting the best for our clients. Our network reaches overseas, linking with investors from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We assist people from various backgrounds and financial situations, including accountants, super funds, and investors at every level, to find the right investments.

Just like our other areas, we’re always seeking new ways to connect with investors worldwide and locally, constantly exploring innovative approaches.

“Latitude Real Estate's contributions to the marketing strategy has led to an out performance of nearly 50% in attracting registered enquiries. This has been surpassed by a better than 20% conversion rate of appointments at the sales centre.”

Michael HodgsonDirector PPM Group
Marketing & design

Our top-notch graphic design team reflects our dedication to creativity and top-quality work. We’re all about producing the best marketing materials possible. By going above and beyond, we maintain high creative standards, skipping pricey ad agencies and passing on savings to our clients. We elevate our marketing with great photography, drone shots, and videos.

Our design team works together with the sales team on each project, combining expertise to create unique marketing solutions that make us stand out.


At Latitude, we believe in the power of informed decisions. Behind every successful project lies comprehensive research, and that’s where our dedicated Research Team steps in.

Our Research Team is the backbone of our strategic approach. They delve deep into market trends, analysedata, and unearth valuable insights crucial for your project’s success. From understanding shifting market dynamics to identifying lucrative opportunities, they leave no stone unturned.

We provide you with in-depth research that not only informs but also guides your project towards success.