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Our success at Olivia is a credit to our 21st century processes and the team that worked on the project’s two releases.

It was a huge team effort that resulted in 108 sales for the month of September. Our flawless online system controls every aspect of the launch making it very transparent for the developer and clients alike.

Gone are the days of the sleep outs at land releases. At Latitude we have learnt to appreciate the most important person in the transaction, the buyer. It is barbaric to think that buyers in todays market want to camp out to purchase their new home site, and it is naïve to think that a ballot system will leave people excited and wanting more.

We are in an age where everything is at our finger tips and our expectations are very high. Our system is transparent and precise, it allows our clients to have control over their decisions, they are given everything they need to make their choice, and ultimately, it is up to them if they want to proceed to a contract appointment. Our controlled process allows each client on the database to stay informed with what is happening on each stage release. The transparency allows us to keep every lead hot.

I have heard far too often that clients are leaving my competitor’s project feeling upset, angry and disappointed, so we needed to fix this issue, and we have.

James Hand
Director / General Manager

James Hand Latitude Real Estate

James Hand