Bob Hand goes into detail over whether we should be advertising in the current climate.

YES, in my opinion this is the time to be spending more of the advertising budget when it comes to promoting developments for sale. Latitude specialise in the sale and marketing of residential land projects and the big debate we have been having with developers is regarding this issue.

Some developers are thinking now is the time to keep their powder dry and save advertising funds for when things return to normal, this is not a good idea. One, you could be waiting for quite some time and two, other developers who continue to advertise will be taking leads away from you. At Latitude we believe there has never been a time better than now to capture new enquiries and continue to build a database of current and future buyers.

There may be less people who will buy immediately, however with so many of us with extra time on our hands many will find the time they didn’t have a few months ago to search online for that future house and land, townhouse or apartment. Off the plan sales are easier because there is really nothing for them to inspect, so there is more likelihood of them purchasing online, especially when delivery is over a year away, allowing time for things to return to normal before they need to settle.

This is the time to build your database and have a captive audience to talk to and nurture until they are ready to buy. Latitude, like so many others, now have the capabilities for purchasers to buy online. From a fly through of the project to completing all documentation, all without leaving their homes. We have all adapted to changes we were all only dreaming about last month.

Spend the extra money, find hooks to give people a reason to buy today and you will reap the benefits over the coming year. For those developers who are thinking of slashing their advertising will be playing catch up when the market returns to normal.

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Enjoy your time with your family and stay safe.

Bob Hand

Bob Hand

Managing Director