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Investors want to buy at a reasonable price from developers and builders

After spending many weekends out on the sales floor with our team, I recognized more than 50% of those enquiring on most projects were investors; however, most of these people had no idea about how to invest in property and those that had knowledge, it was clear it was very limited. I then made it my goal to create an education program with my team, one that can be delivered in a very simple way. I started by writing a book that one can read in less than an hour; there is no ‘BS’, just the very basic steps required to build a residential property portfolio.

Over recent weeks I have also commenced running investment sessions using the content from the book for people who have enquired on one of the Latitude projects. These are run in small groups; this allows each person to become involved in the conversation and hopefully get the maximum benefit from the experience. It is about educating, not selling. If the clients feel they have benefited from the experience and we have built a strong buyer journey for them, then I am sure they will buy from us.

To my knowledge, it’s not a usual sight to see a director spending time on-site over the weekends with clients in our industry. However, most of the business is written in our sales centres, and it’s imperative that we continue to improve the client’s experience and try new things.

These sessions have been extremely effective, and we are looking at ways to take these education sessions out to a much broader audience, this is something I am extremely excited about. When I see how eager these few groups are to learn each Saturday and Sunday, I keep thinking about how many potential buyers there are throughout Australia who want to know more? The market is extensive and will only get bigger over the coming years.

I don’t believe investors want to deal exclusively with Channel agents; they want to buy at a reasonable price from developers and builders who will genuinely look after them and guide them through the process. I am having a lot of fun educating these people and developing this new opportunity for the company, so watch this space. We will launch a whole new approach to property investment and sales later in the year.

Bob Hand

Executive Director