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What are the benefits of buying

blocks on sloping land?

There are lots of benefits in buying a block that is on a slope: you get great views and have the opportunity to design something that is striking. 

It is all about finding the right builder who wants to maximise the potential of your block.

Sloping blocks require a bit more management and you might have to deal with some different issues than if you purchase a flat block. Some of these are excavation, building retaining walls and footings. On sloping sites you may need to use timber or steel posts and deep footings to hold the floor in place.

This is equivalent to a slab. By working with the slope, not against it you can take advantage of the benefits that a sloping site has to offer.

When choosing a builder make sure you choose a builder who has experience building on sloping blocks and have a look at their previous works. These days sloping blocks are generally cheaper than flat blocks, so you can save on the purchase price and offset any additional costs of construction.

A split level home is an example of what can be achieved so if you see one of these homes in a display village go and have a look if you are considering buying a sloping block.

Purchasing a sloping block can give some of these benefits:

  • Great views
  • Natural light
  • Greater choice of affordable land in a better location
  • Maximise the value of your home on any type of land
  • A unique family home that reflects character and suits your lifestyle

We currently have some great blocks for sale with stunning views at River Valley and Underbank. Go to and for more information.