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2017 has started exceptionally well for Latitude Real Estate.

We are going from strength to strength with sales on all projects going strong. 

The Government announcement regarding the new first homebuyer incentives will fuel the market even further. This was long overdue as most first homebuyers viewed property as being out of reach – with prices continuing to increase at record pace.

Latitude has continued its growth in the new year and now has a pipeline of 9,500 residential properties across 11 projects. We are focused on increasing staff numbers as we grow to continue to offer our premium level of service. We have successfully recruited some of the industry’s best people, with many of them to soon commence with us to complement our existing operations. As always, our directors will be part of the team on every project we are involved in. This provides us with a distinct advantage over our competitors.

To those developers who have supported us in these early years, we say thank you. To those developers who have not yet utilised our services, please consider us next time you have a project to sell.

James Hand Latitude Real Estate

James Hand