Top 5

Top 5 things first home buyers need to know

Get serious about saving

You need money to buy property. If you don’t have any savings, it is best to put a plan in place to get started. You’ll be in a great position if you have a 20% deposit and you can purchase immediately. However, there are lenders in the marketplace that will take as little as a 5% deposit. Remember, the bigger your deposit the better you look in the bank’s eyes, so keep that savings balance ticking over!

Get your finances in order

You need to make sure your finance history is squeaky clean – pay your bills on time and slow down on the discretionary items. A lender is keen to see you pay your car loan(s), personal loan(s), credit card(s), mobile phone bills, internet bills, etc. all on time. They may also check up on your rental payment history, again, make sure you are paying on time every time. Typically the lender will look at your last 6 months spending habits, if your spending is out of control it could raise some red flags and result in your loan request being denied. Budget, cut back, and be consistent!

Surround yourself with people you trust

You need to trust the people you are buying from. If you are buying a new house and land, the journey can be a long one, getting answers from someone you trust will help ease your concerns and allow you to enjoy one of the most exciting times in your life.

Don’t let your emotions make decisions

Hard but true. When buying property – it is very easy to fall in love with something you think you need or want. Create a list a list of essential things (garage, 3 bedrooms, ensuite, close to public transport, etc) that you cannot live without, this list will keep your emotions in check. If the property doesn’t have one of the conditions on the list, it is not for you.

Don’t stress about time

Everyone has an opinion on when the right time is to buy real estate. The right time to buy your first property is now. Some of our country’s leading economists cannot predict market movements, so what chance do you have? The most important thing is to get into the market before prices escalate to a level that you can’t afford.