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How the market changes, Latitude has had a great increase in turnover with the number of  development site sales made so far in 2021 far exceeding previous years, mainly due to the hard work of staff in close contact with developers and sourcing suitable sites.

The professional developers have also returned, all seeking to replenish their stocks on the back of the current boom conditions.  We have seen many of the overpriced sales of the past fail to settle and the properties returning to the market and those selling want to deal with professional sales companies such as Latitude.

There is clearly a lack of quality stock and an overabundance of buyers. With the inflated prices of the past still in landowners minds, it takes time to condition them to the real world of what their properties are really worth based on a current feasibility.

Property owners considering selling should contact Latitude for an up to date honest appraisal and no obligation discussion.

If you are a buyer, sit tight, our team are actively working with landowners to identify opportunities. If you have a site that you would consider selling, then please reach out to us.

Michael Lowe

Development Sales & Acquisitions Manager